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Boomplug is a software development company that specializes in plugins for music software. Mainly working with the VST format to create audio effects and instruments for musicians.


[September 30, 2010] BoomComb V1.1 Released

BoomComb has now been updated so that the GUI version now supports WinXP. Along with this it now has a decay control instead of feedback to control the length of the resonation and also has new presets and a preset selecting system. There is still 2 builds, the first build uses the legacy windows drawing API and supports XP SP3 and upwards, while the other one is optimised for Vista SP2 and Windows 7. Read More

[July 27, 2010] BoomComb V1 Released
I am very proud to announce the release of my first VST 2.4 plugin, BoomComb. It is a midi tuneable comb filter perfect for creating similar effects to a flanger or for spicing up synthetic drums. It can also be used to create sounds similar to stringed instruments if noise is input. Read More