Boomplug is a small Audio Software development company based out in the heart of england in the lovely  countryside, which makes a great location to get things done.

Setup by myself Richard shortly after finishing my studies at university. I am devoted to bringing fun and fresh new ideas to music software. Along with this I am constantly researching new ideas such as granular synthesis or the synthesis techniques used in old computers.

The idea behind boomplug is to make plugins that you can instantly pick up and play so as much fun can be had. But without compromising on sonic character and expression.

Being a small one man band means that i'm more flexible when it comes to listening to musicians needs, and along with that it also helps that I am one myself also.

I have an attention to detail making sure that the final product is optimized while still providing the best sound possible. Because of this attention to detail development can seem slow at times but rest assured I'm working away.

You can contact me if you have any queries: richard@boomplug.co.uk

Also i'm on twitter and do respond to messages unlike those super bloggers and celebrities. You can find me as @boomplugin if you want to chat.



Signaldust is company that specializes in VST plugins. These are plugins that are different to most other plugins and have their own unique characteristics and with a lot of hard work put into them . A good example of this would be Dolphin a fun 303 like clone.

Paniq - Leonard Ritter

Paniq is a multi talented musician who releases their work under a Creative Commons license. Previously he has worked in the demoscene crafting music and demos such as the fantastic Masagin but now is paving his own way in the music scene merging seemingly incompatible music styles along the way adding a dose of humor and a healthy helping of psychedelic.